Our Services

Air Freight

Reliable, global airfreight used for the right reasons.If there is one thing we can all agree

on, it's that air cargo should only be used for

the right reasons. Often, there is no better option. But in many cases, the options just are not easily comparable or actionable. We have developed new ways to optimise the use of air cargo to reduce cost by various airlines.

Flying Plane

Sea Freight

We offers a full array of global ocean freight and transportation services. We can handle almost any size shipment, from less-than-container loads to full container loads.

From almost any origin, destination or carrier,

we can provide stream-lined freight forwarding to book your cargo, arrange for pickup and
delivery, and manage the shipping documentation.


We facilitate the entire forwarding process according to your specifications as well as
the requirements of the import and export countries.

Door to Door

We offer door-to-door services for customers who want to simplify imports management & reduce costs. Leveraging on our extensive global network, we provide consolidation of international freight, air & ocean, customs clearance and direct delivery at the desired destination.

Delivery Man

Inland Transportation

Flexible and efficient transport to and from port.

Our flexible inland transportation services cover both FCL (full container load) and LCL (less than full container load), and help ensure your products are collected and delivered to the right place, at

the right time. (Within Jabodetabek)

Undername Service

An Undername Indonesia Service allows a company (anywhere in the world) to import or export goods in Indonesia. What's special about an Undername Indonesia Service is that the company delivering goods is able to do so without any licenses since you're using a native company to handle the export and imports as the consignee.

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Domestic Delivery Service

Domestic Delivery Service provides a point to point transportation solution connecting major ports and inter island trading ports in the archipelago, covering most of Indonesian territory

Export Import Clearance

Clearance is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally from Indonesia. If a shipment is cleared, then related parties will provide documentation confirming import customs duties that are paid and the shipment can then be processed further.

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